Some Initial Thoughts On The British Government's Proposed Illegal Immigrant Bonus

Blogging rule of thumb; a relevant story about a topic that interests you always appears when you have the least amount of time to dissect it.
I'll be coming back to this. However, some initial thoughts:
As reported in The Times -
"ASYLUM-SEEKERS and illegal immigrants are to be offered a £3,000 bounty to leave Britain voluntarily as part of the Government’s efforts to increase the number who are returning home. ..."
The Scottish Daily Mail, headline January 12 -
As reported in The Daily Telegraph -
"The Government expects to spend about £6 million over six months encouraging around 3,000 refugees, who have been refused permission to stay or are awaiting decisions, to return home."
Altogether now, from the top - when is a criminal not a criminal, but a 'refugee' ?
When The Daily Telegraph is writing about them.


Blogger Hector said...

A point worth mentioning is that the UK government routinely spends 26,000$ (american) to get an illegal out of the country.
If the illegal really does leave, and doesn't come back, then at least in the short term the government will have saved a considerable amount of money.

6:36 AM  
Blogger The g-Gnome said...


Your post reminds me that it was a bad idea not to activate 'Comment Moderation'.

7:15 AM  

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