Notes From A Wonderful Country

Scared for Blighty's Future?
Your psyche dulled by the death grip of Seasonally Affected Disorder? Are you ready for the revolver and the bottle of whisky after being back at your work for a day?
Don't want to know!
Enough of pessimism!
'Notes From A Wonderful Country' will be an occasional series outlining what a bloody marvellous place the United Kingdom really is, where, if the odds are on your side, you can get anything, you can do anything and really be the person you want to be.
The first example of how marvellous we are is provided by Anita Ho.
The Employment Appeal Tribunal has ruled that Ho did not receive a fair hearing at her initial industrial tribunal case against Crystal Services, against whom she lost her claim for unfair dismissal, race discrimination and victimisation, because the chairman of the original tribunal rather crassly remarked that her skin was "as white as the English".
Ho is a native of Vietnam - the land which gave the world the punji stick, a place with no historic connection to the United Kingdom and one where the local idea of sex discrimination seems to be based more on age than gender.
God, we're a wonderful country!


Blogger Neil Craig said...

Since he is here it is likely that he, or more likely his parents, were on the side of freedom & democracy & not on the side of those who fought the invaders, armed with pointed sticks.

Whether that makes him more or less admirable than most of us is an open question.

You make many good points about immigration but the reason to oppose it is because we CANNOT accept all the world's poor, not because they are individually inherently undeserving.

4:34 PM  

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